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Root canal for a child

My Child Needs a Root Canal and I’m Panicking

Root canals aren’t as scary as they seem. A root canal is often the only way to save a severely ...
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10 ways to stay safe

10 Ways to Stay Safe as We Ease Back Into Normal Life

Keep you and your loved ones safe as businesses begin to reopen. On April 14, Governor Kate Brown introduced her preliminary ...
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How to encourage good eating for good health

9 Tips for Encouraging Healthy and Good Eating Habits in Kids

Help your child learn some good eating habits. “Can I have some candy, Mommy?” You likely hear this question from ...
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How to boost your immune system at home

8 Wellness Tips from Your Dentist to Boost Your Immune System

Stay well with these healthy tips. Now, more than ever, it is important to protect your immune system. The good ...
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children's books about anxiety

Best Children’s Books About Anxiety: Bringing Comfort to Your Child

Find some literary reassurance for your family. As the world learns how to navigate new concepts like social distancing and ...
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kids at home

10 Things Your Kids Will Love Doing at Home

Take advantage of the chance to spend time with your kids. If you’re a parent, school closures and the CDC’s ...
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Is oral conscious sedation okay for your child?

Should I Ask My Dentist for Sedation for My Child?

10 Questions About Oral Conscious Sedation When your child needs a dental treatment, it can be difficult to watch them ...
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When should your baby go to the dentist

When Should Baby Go to the Dentist?: 10 Common Questions About Children and Their Teeth

Get your little one’s oral health off to a good start. One of your biggest duties as a parent is ...
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