Tooth Fairy Fun: Creative Ideas for Extra-Special Visits

Bring in some tooth fairy magic.

Get ready for a magical visit from the tooth fairy!

Many children start to lose their baby teeth around age 5 or 6, and it can be a scary experience the first time it happens. But that’s where the magic of the tooth fairy comes in! If your child has a tooth that’s starting to get wiggly, consider some of these activities to help prepare them for a magical visit from this fairy.

Who is the tooth fairy?

Many parents may have different explanations about who the tooth fairy is and even what he or she looks like. In preparation for a visit from this fairy, have a talk with your child about what they think the tooth fairy looks like. Do they carry a wand? Do they have glittery wings? What color is their hair? Let your child’s imagination run wild.

Once your child has an idea of what the tooth fairy looks like, have them draw it out. Using markers, crayons, glitter, and other fun craft items, help your child’s vision come to life! After the fairy’s portrait is complete, hang it above your child’s bed with a “Tooth Here” sign pointing to their pillow. This will ensure the fairy knows where to land when it is time.

Where does the tooth fairy come from?

Before the tooth fairy’s arrival, parents need to make sure they have their story straight. Since kids have a lot of questions about new things, parents should have ideas on hand on how to answer their children’s questions:

  • Where does the fairy come from? 
  • Does he or she enter through the window or fly through the door? 
  • Why does the fairy want to collect children’s teeth? 
  • Does the fairy visit every child when they lose their teeth? 
  • How does the fairy know when someone’s tooth has fallen out? 

Make sure you think through all of your answers and make them believable for your child to help fulfill the magic of the tooth fairy.

Make a tooth fairy pouch or pillow.

When your child loses a tooth, where should they put it? You might want to make a special pouch where their tooth can stay safe until the tooth fairy comes to collect it. You can purchase a small little pouch or container from a local store that can easily fit under your child’s pillow. Or if you are the crafty type, you could create your own tooth fairy pouch. Try making a no-sew pouch using felt and a hot glue gun.

Alternatively, you could use a stencil to trace a tooth out of fabric and then sew it together to make this neat bag. Let your child decorate their pouch with glitter or paint to showcase their personality.

If your child is afraid a pouch is too small for the fairy to find, you can always create a special pillow to keep your child’s tooth in. You can use the same no-sew method of the felt pouch and just scale it up in size.

Magical Tooth Fairy Notes

Encourage your child to write a note to the tooth fairy to thank him or her for taking your child’s tooth. The letter writing not only encourages your child to practice their penmanship, but it is a good way to teach manners and how to write a thank-you note.

If your child does write the tooth fairy a little note, make sure the fairy writes back! The fairy can thank the child for taking good care of their tooth and to continue to work on their great oral health and dental habits as they grow. Write the note in cursive so that it looks extra fancy and magical to your child.

Tooth Fairy Treats

Once the tooth fairy comes and collects your child’s tooth, what does he or she leave behind as a thank-you? Most parents choose to leave a small monetary amount, like a quarter or a dollar, after every tooth falls out. Make the first occasion more special by leaving a 50-cent piece or $2 bill. Since those aren’t that common to see, your child will appreciate the special coin or bill the tooth fairy leaves behind.

If you don’t want to leave money behind, the tooth fairy can also leave behind a small toy or trinket. Some tooth fairies leave behind certificates for good brushing habits or coupons good for a trip to the zoo or for an ice cream cone. It’s all up to you which type of gift your child would be most ecstatic about.

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