Oral Health

Healthy foods for healthy teeth.

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Foods for Healthy Teeth and Gums

We are what we eat. We all know our diet directly affects how our body and mind work. Thankfully, this ...
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Help kids get into the flossing habit.

Parents, You Can Support and Sustain Your Child’s Flossing Routine

Good habits matter. It may have taken you longer than you expected to teach your child how to sit still ...
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Halloween snacking that doesn't hurt oral health.

Spooky Fun With 5 Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

Halloween and fall are filled with fun activities for children. However, they also bring plenty of opportunities for unhealthy snacks. ...
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Healthy lunchbox foods

9 Healthy Lunchbox Ideas That Your Children Will Love

Help! I’m out of lunch ideas! When the school year begins, we tend to have all sorts of plans for ...
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Tips for brushing baby teeth

6 Things You Need To Know About Brushing Your Baby’s Teeth

As a new parent, it’s only natural that you have questions about taking care of your baby's teeth. One of ...
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