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White crowns for kids.

White Crowns for Kids: How to Boost Confidence and Create Oral Health Awareness

Despite our efforts to help our kids practice the very best oral hygiene habits, sometimes things happen that may require ...
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Don't let kids' sports damage their teeth.

The Impact of Sports on Pediatric Dental Health: How To Protect Your Child’s Smile

Kids’ Sports and the Prevalence of Dental Injuries  There she goes—running down the soccer field. The ball is hers, and ...
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A tongue-tie can affect speech.

Speech and Dental Health: 5 Risks of an Untreated Tongue-Tie

What To Know About Tongue-Ties Did you know that up to 11% of newborns have a tongue-tie? This condition is ...
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Dental sedation could make your child's visit easier.

Is Dental Sedation Safe for My Child? 3 Things for Parents to Know

3 things you need to know about dental sedation for kids. While any great dentist will work hard to comfort ...
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Dental crowns protect kids teeth.

White Dental Crowns for Kids: Tips to Help Preventing Cavities in Your Child’s Teeth

Start good dental habits early. We all know that it is never too early to start a routine of good ...
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Healthy foods for healthy teeth.

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Foods for Healthy Teeth and Gums

We are what we eat. We all know our diet directly affects how our body and mind work. Thankfully, this ...
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Bring in some tooth fairy magic.

Tooth Fairy Fun: Creative Ideas for Extra-Special Visits

Get ready for a magical visit from the tooth fairy! Many children start to lose their baby teeth around age ...
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Valentine's day for kids.

Sharing Smiles: Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards From the Kids

A Sweet Spin on Valentine’s Day Cards The stores are filled with bright pink and red decorations. Every sign is ...
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Know the importance of pediatric dentistry.

The ABCs of Pediatric Dentistry: 26 Things for Kids to Know

ABC Time We all love that feeling we get when we learn something new! So we made a fun list ...
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Lasers can help reduce dental anxiety.

Fear-Free Dentistry: Ways Laser Technology Can Reduce Dental Anxiety in Your Child

Time to Break the Fear Cycle A staggering 36% of the population has dental anxiety in some way, shape, or ...
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