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White crowns for kids.

White Crowns for Kids: How to Boost Confidence and Create Oral Health Awareness

Despite our efforts to help our kids practice the very best oral hygiene habits, sometimes things happen that may require ...
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Don't let kids' sports damage their teeth.

The Impact of Sports on Pediatric Dental Health: How To Protect Your Child’s Smile

Kids’ Sports and the Prevalence of Dental Injuries  There she goes—running down the soccer field. The ball is hers, and ...
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Dental sedation could make your child's visit easier.

Is Dental Sedation Safe for My Child? 3 Things for Parents to Know

3 things you need to know about dental sedation for kids. While any great dentist will work hard to comfort ...
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Dental crowns protect kids teeth.

White Dental Crowns for Kids: Tips to Help Preventing Cavities in Your Child’s Teeth

Start good dental habits early. We all know that it is never too early to start a routine of good ...
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Healthy foods for healthy teeth.

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Foods for Healthy Teeth and Gums

We are what we eat. We all know our diet directly affects how our body and mind work. Thankfully, this ...
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Lasers can help reduce dental anxiety.

Fear-Free Dentistry: Ways Laser Technology Can Reduce Dental Anxiety in Your Child

Time to Break the Fear Cycle A staggering 36% of the population has dental anxiety in some way, shape, or ...
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Help kids get into the flossing habit.

Parents, You Can Support and Sustain Your Child’s Flossing Routine

Good habits matter. It may have taken you longer than you expected to teach your child how to sit still ...
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Does your child need a dental crown?

Dental Crowns for Kids: Common Reasons Your Child’s Smile May Benefit from a White Crown

Could your child benefit from a white dental crown? There are many reasons that your child could need a dental ...
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Halloween snacking that doesn't hurt oral health.

Spooky Fun With 5 Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

Halloween and fall are filled with fun activities for children. However, they also bring plenty of opportunities for unhealthy snacks. ...
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Dental crowns for kids

Preserving Little Smiles: The Hidden Benefits of White Crowns for Kids

Does your child need a dental crown? Many people aren’t aware of the importance of dental crowns in children and ...
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