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A pain-free dentist visit is possible

How To Get Your Kid’s Cavities Filled by a Pain-Free Dentist in Salem, OR

A New Way To Treat Kids’ Tooth Decay Cavities are a big problem for children and teens, so naturally, it’s ...
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3 Top Reasons Why Your Child May Need a Dental Crown

Dental crowns can save kids’ teeth. Dental crowns are a popular restorative dental treatment for adults, but that doesn’t mean ...
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5 Things to Expect During Your Child’s Dental Crown Placement

Your Child Needs a Dental Crown: What to Expect You may think of dental crowns as a procedure that’s more ...
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Preventive dentistry for kids

Prevention Matters a Lot When It Comes to Your Child’s Oral Health

When it comes to our kids, there are so many things we do to protect them. We do everything possible ...
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great holiday crafts for kids

Creative Holiday Crafts To Do With Children Ages 6 and Up

Get creative with your children this holiday season! The leaves have all fallen from the trees, and there is a ...
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Tooth brushing tips to make it easier

5 Tips for Helping Your Child Master Thorough Tooth Brushing

Coaching Kids on Great Dental Care Habits Cavities are a common oral health problem in children, but the good news ...
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Fun ideas for summer break

10 Ways To Make the Most of Summer Break This Year

Making Summer Break Fun for Everyone At Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry, we want kids to have happy smiles all year round, ...
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Help you kid cope with school stress

7 Ways to Help Your Kids Deal with Stress at School

Prioritizing Self-Care and Stress Relief for Kids and Teens Today's kids and teens deal with a considerable amount of stress, ...
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CariFree products fight cavities

Find Out How CariFree Products Help Prevent Kids’ Cavities

Fighting Cavities with CariFree Products One thing a parent never wants to hear is “Your child has a cavity.” Unfortunately, ...
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Lasers in the dental toolbox

5 Fun Facts About the Waterlase and EPIC Lasers Your Kids Will Want to Know

You’ll love laser dentistry. When you think of lasers, what comes to mind? Maybe a super cool gadget you saw ...
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