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Is painful breastfeeding normal

Is Breastfeeding Supposed to Hurt?

How to Relieve and Prevent Painful Breastfeeding Dealing with breastfeeding difficulties can feel incredibly stressful, frustrating, or overwhelming. In addition ...
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We will make it through this school year together

We’re Going to Make it Through This Together

Raise your hand if you’re struggling with the school year. It's normal for parents to feel anxious about changes in ...
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Fun facts about Salem, Oregon

10 Facts for Kids About Salem, Oregon

How much do you know about your hometown? Did you know that of Salem's population of around 180,000 people, 45,000 ...
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Brushing Teeth

8 Tips to Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids

Get your kids excited and comfortable with taking care of their teeth. Nothing warms a parent's heart quite like seeing ...
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10 Advantages of EZCrowns by Sprig

Benefits of White Crowns on Baby Teeth From their first smile to their first day of school, watching your child ...
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laser dentistry for kids is better

How Laser Dentistry for Kids Is Revolutionizing a Trip to the Dentist

Laser dentistry for kids is offering a new wave of pain-free treatments. On average, a higher percentage of children go ...
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Salem, Oregon summer activities for the whole family.

Summer in Salem Activities: Outdoor Fun

Family Activities to Enjoy this Summer To get the most out of your summer, it’s fun to plan activities for ...
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baby dental crowns

Dental Crowns for My Baby?

Is it normal to put white crowns on baby teeth? If your toddler or kid has a fracture or severe ...
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