Preserving Little Smiles: The Hidden Benefits of White Crowns for Kids

Dental crowns for kids

Does your child need a dental crown? Many people aren’t aware of the importance of dental crowns in children and their unique requirements. Today, there are options for more aesthetically pleasing white crowns for kids that can safeguard oral health and development while ensuring a beautiful, natural smile.

At Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry, we’re focused on providing the best for your child and preserving their smile. That’s why we use Sprig crowns to place white caps for baby teeth that ensure effective protection and a natural look.

The Importance of Preserving Baby Teeth

At first glance, some people think that preserving a baby tooth with a dental crown isn’t necessary. It’s going to fall out at some point, so why not simply extract it? However, this is faulty reasoning. In reality, preserving baby teeth is one of the most important elements of pediatric dentistry.

The primary teeth (baby teeth) play an important role in your child’s speech, nutrition, and jaw development. When one of those teeth is lost prematurely, your child can develop a range of issues.

Other teeth can shift into the gap where the baby tooth was because the adult tooth beneath isn’t ready to emerge yet. Then, when it does emerge, it can come in crooked or impact other teeth. Your child will end up needing orthodontic treatment to correct these issues.

A dental crown can help save a tooth from extraction. It ensures the health and function of the baby tooth until it falls out naturally. Development can proceed properly, ensuring a happy and healthy smile for your child.

What are white dental crowns for kids?

If you aren’t familiar with dental crowns for kids, then the significance of white crowns might seem unimportant. After all, aren’t most dental crowns white? While most adult crowns are made of porcelain, zirconia, and other ceramics, pediatric crowns have traditionally been made from stainless steel and other non-tooth-colored materials.

This is because the other materials are more expensive, and the pediatric crown is only temporary. While the stainless steel crown certainly mars your child’s smile, for many families, the cost of porcelain crowns simply isn’t worth it for such a relatively brief period of time.

Today, white crowns for kids have developed with new technologies to provide a better and more attainable option. Options such as Sprig crowns make use of zirconia and modern treatment planning and crown creation technologies to deliver a solution that works on every level.

Zirconia is a type of ceramic material that’s widely used in all kinds of dental crowns, including single-visit dental crowns. It’s among the best alternatives to porcelain, providing exceptional strength, affordability, and a stunning appearance.

What are the benefits of white crowns for baby teeth?

Choosing white crowns for kids can provide a variety of benefits, both during your child’s time with the crown and for many years to come. This new development is significantly improving pediatric crowns.

First, your child enjoys a beautiful, natural-looking smile. This helps ensure self-confidence, as the crown is essentially unnoticeable and is a major improvement over traditional stainless steel pediatric crowns.

You can also expect long-term savings by choosing a dental crown for your child. Avoiding the need for orthodontic treatment and other interventions by ensuring proper development is always the best move.

The zirconia used in Sprig crowns has exceptional biocompatibility and is allergy-free, unlike stainless steel and other metals. You can avoid the risk of your child having adverse reactions while also protecting the tooth structure with durable and strong material.

In some cases, this technology even makes same day crowns for kids possible. Instead of having to wait for the final crown from a dental lab, in-office equipment enables crowns in one visit.

Visit your dentist at Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry for white EZCrowns by Sprig.

When you’re determining if a white dental crown is the right choice for your child, consider visiting Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Cooper is an expert in Sprig EZcrowns and their use in pediatric dentistry. In fact, Dr. Cooper travels all over the country teaching other pediatric dentists about Spring crowns.

You can trust that you’re getting the best in treatment planning and results when you choose Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry. We’re committed to staying at the forefront of dental advancements, and our use of Sprig crowns is just one example.

Find the best choice for your child’s smile.

If your child has experienced serious cavities, tooth decay, or dental trauma, they may need a dental crown to protect their smile and ensure proper development. Schedule a consultation at Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry today to find the best option for their needs with the latest treatment technology.