The First White, Prefab, Ceramic Crowns for Kids

White crowns for kids

A new, revolutionary type of pediatric dental crown

When adults need a dental crown, there are a lot of materials for us to choose from, even just among aesthetic materials. It’s these choices that ensure we get a crown that not only seals a damaged tooth and restores its function, but that also helps us maintain confidence in our naturally beautiful smile. For a long time, though, even as dental technology improved and more and more materials became available for adults, there weren’t a lot of options when it came to placing dental crowns on baby teeth and few prioritized aesthetics. After all, baby teeth don’t last forever, so dental crowns for kids just need to be functional, right?

The truth is, our smiles play an important role in our self-confidence, and that holds just as true for your little one as it does for you. An aesthetic crown can play an essential role in giving them the confidence they need as they grow, learn about themselves, and build relationships with the people and world around them. Thankfully, Sprig has created white crowns that give your child the best of both worlds—crowns that are both functional and naturally beautiful. To help you understand dental crown options for children and how revolutionary this new type of crown could be for your child, we’ve broken down the journey that pediatric crown options took to get to this point.

Stainless-steel crowns used to be the go-to crown option for kids.

When you were a kid, did you or someone you know have a metal crown on one of their teeth? Stainless steel crowns were the go-to choice for kids for a long time. These crowns were popular because they’re strong, durable, and inexpensive. Unfortunately, they look exactly like what they’re made from—shiny, silver metal. This means that they don’t look natural and they’re incredibly noticeable, even on back molars, becoming a facet of your child’s smile instead of blending into it. Most kids don’t want to stand out—at least, not like that! Even when it isn’t done with the aim of teasing, children with stainless-steel crowns are likely to get comments on them from other kids, which can contribute even more to their self-consciousness. Plus, stainless-steel crowns contain a mixture of metals that can cause temperature sensitivity and sometimes trigger metal allergies, so they may not be the best option for some children.

Stainless-steel crowns with white facings attempted to resolve this issue.

Covering stainless-steel crowns with a white plastic facing was the first attempt to really resolve the aesthetic issue posed by stainless-steel crowns. This type of crown was a little closer to what kids and parents were looking for, but it didn’t quite reach the ideal and came with its own issues. Since the core of the crown is still stainless steel, it doesn’t resolve the issue with metal allergies, but the biggest issues are with the plastic exterior itself. Adding plastic to the outside of the crown makes it thicker, giving teeth a much less natural rounded appearance. The white facing is also relatively fragile and is prone to chipping over time as your child chews or grinds their teeth, exposing the underlying metal.

Enter the solution: Sprig white crowns for kids.

Zirconia is a beautiful, durable metal that’s related to titanium and is sometimes called “ceramic steel.” It has so many properties that make it excellent for dentistry that it has taken a prime place in modern restorations. More specifically, zirconia crowns combine the strength and durability of metal crowns with the beauty of ceramic crowns. The metal is naturally white, a little translucent, and is easily tinted and buffed to match the natural color and gloss of your child’s other teeth. All of this, especially the natural translucence, allows zirconia crowns to mimic the appearance of natural teeth incredibly well. Instead of standing out like other crown options for kids, zirconia crowns blend in with their other teeth naturally. No one will even realize your child has a pediatric dental crown!

Plus, since zirconia is related to titanium, it’s biocompatible. Your child’s body will recognize it as a natural part of it, and it shouldn’t trigger metal allergies. Zirconia white crowns for kids are even stain resistant, as well as resistant to plaque buildup, so they’ll continue looking great for as long as your child needs them. Despite its many benefits, nobody was prefabricating zirconia crowns for children…until Sprig. Thanks to their revolutionary approach to children’s crowns, your child can benefit from the strength, durability, and beauty of zirconia crowns.

Sprig white crowns are available at Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry.

Sprig’s white crowns for kids change the game when it comes to pediatric dental crowns. With these crowns, you no longer have to choose between functionality and your child’s confidence, and you don’t have to worry about potential teasing at school. It’s a relief for both you and your child! If you’d like to learn more about white crowns for kids or children’s cosmetic dentistry near Salem OR, feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cooper or Dr. Day at Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry at any time.