Zirconia dental crowns can protect your child’s smile.

If you’ve recently discovered that your child needs a dental crown to protect a damaged or weakened tooth, you might have some questions about material options. Silver amalgam, composite, and porcelain are all fairly common or recognizable materials used in dental crowns for kids. But there’s another material choice available too — zirconia.

Zirconia is not a new material, but parents may be unfamiliar with this unique type of dental crown. To help you understand the differences between zirconia and porcelain dental crowns, we’re going to go over the basics of what you should know.

When Kids Need Dental Crowns and How They Help Young Smiles

Before diving into what zirconia crowns are and how they compare, it’s important to understand why dental crowns are sometimes needed for kids.

Dental crowns save teeth when fillings won’t work.

Dental crowns are a versatile type of dental treatment, being both restorative and cosmetic in nature. They change the appearance of teeth, but most importantly, they allow dentists to save teeth that could otherwise need to be extracted.

The most common reason kids need dental crowns is to protect a tooth that’s been damaged from tooth decay. If your child has a cavity that is too large for a filling, dental crowns are a fantastic solution.

Stopping premature tooth loss keeps your child’s smile well-aligned.

While dental crowns are most often used on a child’s adult teeth, they can also be used on baby teeth. Even though your child will lose their baby teeth, premature tooth loss can lead to alignment issues in the future. Your child’s dentist will discuss the best solution in the event that a baby tooth has significant damage.

How Zirconia Crowns Compare to Porcelain Crowns

Dental crowns—regardless of material—all serve the same purpose of protecting a weakened or damaged tooth. However, material choice plays a big role in the final appearance and expected longevity of your child’s dental crown.

Zirconia and porcelain are both considered to be the strongest materials for dental crowns. They are both safe for your child’s health and look exceptionally lifelike. They also last longer than composite crowns. So how do they compare to one another head-to-head?

Zirconia is a very unique material.

Zirconia combines the strength of a metal with the tooth-like appearance of a ceramic. Sometimes zirconia may even be referred to as a “ceramic steel”. The natural properties of zirconia make it stronger than porcelain, therefore is it a longer-lasting choice for your child.

Zirconia offers a beautiful finished appearance.

The structure of zirconia also makes it easy for dentists to get an incredible realistic color-match to your child’s smile. If you didn’t know which tooth your child had crowned, you might struggle to see which tooth has a zirconia crown!

Zirconia crowns’ value is reflected in a somewhat higher price.

Where zirconia crowns and porcelain crowns differ is in price. Zirconia tends to be a bit more expensive than porcelain due to the value of the material and its exceptional durability.

Why Zirconia Crowns Are Growing in Popularity for Kids

Zirconia crowns tend to be more popular at general and cosmetic dentistry practices, but they are gradually becoming more commonly seen at pediatric dental practices. Some pediatric dentists, like the Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry team, have even replaced porcelain and composite crowns with only zirconia crowns.

Your child’s zirconia crown will outlast porcelain.

Zirconia’s durability and longevity are especially useful advantages for kids. Parents can rest assured that when they invest in a zirconia crown for their child, they’re doing the utmost to ensure the new dental crown lasts as long as possible with a minimal chance of any problems popping up.

Zirconia crowns are great for kids with porcelain/metal allergies.

Another reason zirconia is growing in popularity within pediatric dentistry is how safe of a material it is. Though uncommon, allergic reactions to porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are possible. Zirconia eliminates any risks of allergic reactions as it’s a 100% biocompatible material by nature.

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