Fighting Cavities with CariFree Products

One thing a parent never wants to hear is “Your child has a cavity.” Unfortunately, the battle with pediatric cavities is a big problem for many families.

Dental caries—tooth decay or cavities—are considered by the CDC to be one of the most common chronic childhood diseases. Statistics show that upward of 20% of school-age children have at least one untreated cavity. Untreated tooth decay eventually leads to toothaches, missed school, poor school performance, and the potential for premature tooth loss of baby teeth or permanent tooth loss of adult teeth.

There’s more to cavities than meets the eye.

Your child’s cavities aren’t necessarily a reflection of poor oral hygiene or eating too many sweets. Genetics can cause a child to be more cavity-prone than others, while an unbalanced oral microbiome can trigger decay-causing bacteria to flourish, even with frequent brushing and flossing.

These factors are why the doctors at Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry recommend CariFree products to help kids who may be more prone to developing tooth decay.

What is the CariFree system?

The CariFree system is a series of advanced cavity-fighting products designed to stop tooth decay before it can develop. While standard fluoride-based toothpastes and mouthwashes focus on strengthening tooth enamel to prevent cavities, CariFree products focus on neutralizing decay-causing acids produced by bacteria.

The CariFree line of products includes a gel toothpaste, hydrating mouth spray, mouthrinse, and even some sugar-free lollies and gum. Your child’s pediatric dentist will explain which products in the system are best for your child’s needs.

All CariFree products contain:

  • pH neutralization
  • Xylitol
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Nano hydroxyapatite

Additionally, the CariFree CTx4 products also contain fluoride for added enamel strengthening action!

How does CariFree work to prevent cavities?

The reason CariFree is so effective at cavity prevention is that it treats the underlying problem rather than the symptoms.

Cavities are a symptom of an unbalanced oral microbiome in your child’s mouth. When a cavity develops and it’s treated by a dentist, the symptom is resolved but because the underlying issue wasn’t, the cavities have a higher chance of happening again and again.

Cavities are a result of acids damaging the tooth enamel. These acids are produced by bad bacteria. As these bacteria consume food debris and sugar, they excrete acid as a waste product. This means your child could eat a smile-friendly diet and be a superstar with brushing, but cavities could still occur because of these acids.

The ingredients in CariFree products all play a vital role in cavity prevention:

  • Potential of hydrogen (pH) neutralizing properties counteract enamel-damaging acids.
  • Xylitol, a popular sugar alternative, halts tooth decay.
  • Antibacterial properties destroy the bad bacteria that’s responsible for cavities.
  • Nano hydroxyapatite helps remineralize teeth.
  • Fluoride aids in remineralization and promotes strong tooth enamel.

The CariFree system is incredibly effective for kids prone to cavities, but it doesn’t work miracles alone. When your child is using CariFree products, it’s important to make sure they’re brushing twice a day, flossing daily, eating a tooth-friendly diet, and otherwise reducing bad bacteria through these lifestyle habits. This, coupled with CariFree products and regular dental appointments, can put an end to their constant battles with cavities.

Would my child benefit from CariFree?

CariFree can be a valuable addition to your kid’s oral health routine, especially if cavities seem to be a recurring issue. Combined with great at-home dental care habits and possibly preventive dentistry treatments, like dental sealants, your child’s chances of experiencing tooth decay will be greatly diminished.

To find out if CariFree is right for your child, it’s important to consult with their pediatric dentist first. The team at Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry provides CariFree for our young patients, and we love to teach parents why we recommend these products.

During your child’s next appointment, we’ll examine their teeth, take a look at their dental history and frequency of cavity development, and determine which CariFree products would be best for their age and current oral health status. We’ll also go over proper brushing and flossing techniques with your child. If your child doesn’t yet have dental sealants, we’ll also discuss this treatment option with you.

Gentle and Effective Pediatric Dental Care in Salem, OR

Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry is always eagerly accepting new kids into our welcoming, knowledgeable dental home. Drs. Cooper and Day are dedicated to providing children with the best in pediatric dental care, starting from their very first visit as a baby straight through to their 18th birthday.

CariFree products are just one of many ways we help our kids protect their oral health and achieve beautiful, cavity-free smiles. We also encourage parents to give us a call whenever they have questions about their child’s smile.

If your child is ready for a visit or if you have questions about CariFree, book an appointment by calling our office or requesting one online.