We invest in the latest dental technology because it makes life easier for our patients and their parents. Technological advances in dentistry have made dental care less time-consuming, more comfortable, and more effective. As a result, by adopting new technological offerings, we can make dentistry more convenient and pleasant for our patients and their parents.

While a lot of our tech can be fun for your kids, our equipment and instruments are much more than just flashy gimmicks. Each piece of technology has a specific use and multiple features, so treatment is safer and more efficient. We have outlined the details of technology below, so you can be informed as a parent.

Additionally, you can help satisfy your child’s curiosity by reading this webpage with them. Children are naturally inquisitive, and your kid may have questions about some of the tech they’ll see at Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry. Using the information on this page, you can help alleviate any of their worries and explain to them the purpose and function of every device. Of course, we’re always happy to take the time to explain our tech to your child ourselves and demonstrate its use.

Waterlase/EPIC Laser

These lasers provide our patients with many benefits. They’re quiet and cooled with water, so they produce little heat. Also, these lasers do not cause nerve-wracking vibrations. Most importantly, our lasers are more accurate and less invasive than old-fashioned scraping. This feature means that bleeding is decreased and healing time is shortened. Your child will love these high-tech, futuristic alternatives to conventional instruments.

Digital X-rays

X-rays are invaluable for helping us ensure your child’s mouth is growing and developing normally. They are also useful for treatment planning and spotting potential problems. But we do one better at Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry.

Instead of conventional X-rays, we use digital X-rays. Our advanced X-rays use much less radiation than traditional radiographs. Plus, our digital X-rays give us a more accurate view of your little one’s teeth and mouth while reducing treatment time. With digital X-rays, safety meets convenience.

Q: When should my child have dental X-rays taken?
A: We recommend taking X-rays around the age of two or three. The first set consists of simple pictures of the front upper and lower teeth, which familiarizes your child with the process. Once the baby teeth in back are touching one another, regular (at least yearly) X-rays are recommended. Permanent teeth start coming in around age six, and X-rays help us make sure your child’s teeth and jaw are healthy and properly aligned. If your child is at a high risk of dental problems, we may suggest having X-rays taken at an earlier age.


Some kids are simply more prone to cavities than others. Even with excellent home care, your child may still have a cavity develop occasionally. We can certainly help, and Carifree is one of our advanced cavity-fighting services.

Bacteria don’t directly cause cavities. Rather, the acids that bacteria secrete are what lead to cavities. Carifree products work to balance out these acids with basic solutions. Additionally, Carifree products may contain other helpful substances, such as fluoride. If you have concerns about cavities and your kid, talk to us about Carifree, a gentle way to combat cavities.

Air Abrasion

Dental drills are never any fun. They’re noisy, they create unpleasant vibrations, they generate heat, and they even smell funny. However, tooth preparation is necessary for a variety of dental treatments, from filling cavities to cosmetic procedures. Well, we’ve eliminated the drill in most treatments by adopting an alternative preparation system—air abrasion.

Air abrasion works on the same principles as sandblasting but is comfortable for your child. Less healthy tooth material is removed than with drilling, and less anesthetic is needed. All in all, air abrasion is a gentler and more pleasant experience for our patients.

Intraoral Cameras

Take a journey with us—inside your mouth! Our intraoral cameras are some of the latest digital technology. They allow your child to see all the nooks and crannies of the mouth. We’ll happily point out various structures and show them areas of interest as they watch on a television monitor.

Of course, our intraoral cameras aren’t just for entertainment. This technology also enables us to illustrate plans or issues to both you and your child. We’ll make sure you have a complete understanding of your child’s dental condition and needs.

“I really like the kid friendly, caring atmosphere of the office, the staff, and Dr. Cooper. That is why I drive 45 minutes to come to your office!”


Cosmetic Dentistry

Pediatric cosmetic dental treatments from the team at Spinnaker can help with social embarrassment and boost your child’s self-confidence.

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