10 Fun, Kid-Approved Breakfast Ideas That Are Good for Teeth


Warning: You’re about to get hungry!

Mornings can be crazy. Sometimes it takes everything you have to just get yourself and the kids out of bed, and cereal may be the first thing you grab. But a bowl of cereal every morning can get old fast. Below are 10 healthy breakfast ideas for kids to help shake up breakfast just a bit for you and your children.

1. Spinach Puffs

These spinach puffs are perfect for making in advance, freezing, and getting out on a busy school morning. You can make them muffin-size as this recipe suggests, or you could make them bite-size using a mini muffin pan. Filled with tasty cream cheese and a hint of bacon, these are sure to be a hit!

The nutrient-dense spinach is filled with calcium, which can help strengthen enamel. It is also filled with vitamin B and folic acid, which can help protect your mouth from gum disease.

2. Breakfast Pizza

Tired of having to fight your little one to eat something besides cereal? It’s time to bring in the breakfast pizza. You can make this homemade pizza recipe with store-bought or homemade dough. Or you can get creative and make the crust out of hash browns or naan.

This variation of the pizza is topped with scrambled eggs and bacon, but you can adjust it however you want. Add some spinach or bell pepper for a vitamin boost! You can even have your little ones choose their own toppings.

3. Breakfast Quesadilla

Sticking with the theme of nontraditional breakfast foods, what about making an avocado and spinach quesadilla? As with the pizza, this recipe can be adjusted in a myriad of ways. This version is filled with egg, spinach, avocado, and a touch of hot sauce.

4. Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

If you’re looking for a good, sweet breakfast idea that you can make in advance, these breakfast bars might just be the thing for you! They’re easy to grab on those extra-busy mornings. They are vegan and full of healthy things, including strawberries and oats. Whole grains like oats are good at helping keep away gum disease!

This recipe is easy to adjust to fit your individual taste. You can use raspberries, pitted cherries, or even mixed frozen fruit!

5. Yogurt Bark

This is an easy addition to any breakfast or can even be an afternoon snack. This frozen yogurt bark lasts in the freezer for up to three months, but the creator bets that it’ll be gone within a week. You can switch out the fruit in it to just about anything your or your child’s heart desires! Got some berries in the fridge that won’t survive much longer? Throw them in. Got an old bag of frozen fruit that you can’t quite find a use for? Use that!

The probiotics in yogurt can help inhibit harmful oral bacteria. It is also filled with calcium to help strengthen that enamel!

6. Smoothies

Smoothies are amazingly customizable. Don’t like bananas? Skip them! Blueberries stain just a little too much for your little one? You can avoid them! Smoothies are an incredibly easy way to sneak in some extra fruit and vegetables too. If you freeze the leafy greens in advance, it helps with that “healthy” flavor just a little. Let’s face it, this tip might be helpful for adults too!

7. Yogurt Parfait

A good yogurt parfait is another sweet idea that just might slow your kid down enough to get them to eat breakfast. This recipe is made with nutrient-dense Greek yogurt, granola, and honey, but you can adjust it to fit whatever else your taste buds might desire!

8. Peanut Butter Muffins

If made in advance, these peanut butter muffins are a great grab-and-go meal for those busy school mornings. They also make a good low-mess meal for the energetic toddler while you’re busy getting their siblings out the door. Peanut butter can be good at preventing gum disease, as it is high in protein and healthy fats.

9. Healthy Breakfast Sandwich

This nutrient-dense breakfast sandwich would be easy to eat on the go if the morning is super busy. They are also simple to freeze for easier access when the time comes. Filled with eggs, spinach, tomatoes, and cheese, this flavorful sandwich is sure to keep you and your kids full until lunchtime!

10. Breakfast Potato Hash

This recipe is a family favorite in our households! It is made in one pan, making cleanup just about as simple as can be. It can be adjusted however you’d like to add more nutrients in as well. Throw in some spinach one day for extra calcium, or add in a bell pepper and onion another.

A healthy start to your day is a great start.

If those ideas weren’t quite enough to make you hungry, we have a list of seven things you can add to your child’s school lunches!

At Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry, we understand the importance of a great, healthy breakfast to start your day. These tooth-healthy ideas will give your family the variety of nutrients they need to stay healthy. If you or your family are due for a dental checkup, we are here to answer any questions you might have about your child’s dental health!