How To Get Your Kid’s Cavities Filled by a Pain-Free Dentist in Salem, OR

A pain-free dentist visit is possible

A New Way To Treat Kids’ Tooth Decay

Cavities are a big problem for children and teens, so naturally, it’s the most common oral health problem treated in pediatric dental offices. You might recall your own childhood cavities and your first jarring experience with a numbing injection and dental drill. Luckily for your children, modern dental care means there’s an easier way for dentists to fill cavities.

The traditional method of filling cavities can be broken down into three steps:

  1. The area is numbed with a topical swab, followed by a novocaine injection.
  2. The dentist removes all decay and damaged enamel.
  3. The now clean cavity is filled with a composite resin.

This is still the most common treatment option for children and adults, but it isn’t the only method available.

Modern children’s dental practices like Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry use state-of-the-art tools and technology to improve treatment while enhancing your child’s experience in the dental chair. The result is minimally invasive treatment and a calming environment that helps children relax and learn that dental appointments aren’t scary.

Here’s how our pain-free dentists provide no-drill cavity fillings. 

Waterlase Epic Laser

Laser dentistry is rapidly gaining popularity among dentists and patients alike. Dental lasers, which dentists can use for both soft- and hard-tissue procedures, eliminate the need for scalpels and drills. They are perfect for use in pediatric dentistry as they allow the dentist to be extremely precise in treatment and offer an inherently more sterile environment surrounding the tooth being treated.

Children won’t experience the nerve-wracking vibrations of a dental drill, and many won’t even need a numbing injection prior to treatment. The Waterlase Epic Laser is quiet, and because it’s water-cooled, there’s minimal heat, and the tooth remains hydrated during treatment. All of these factors add up to a very low-stress and low-intensity experience for children and may even make it possible for very sensitive children to sit comfortably with little to no sedation. 

Air Abrasion

When treatment isn’t suited for the Waterlase Epic Laser, air abrasion is a fantastic alternative. You can think of air abrasion as a gentle but effective dental sandblaster that removes damaged enamel and decay with minimal invasiveness.

Air abrasion only removes enough tooth enamel to eliminate decay and offer more precision than a traditional dental drill. They also require less anesthetic than a dental drill, although some level of numbing may be necessary to keep your child comfortable.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a safe, versatile option that can be included in your child’s filling appointment to help them relax even further. Sedation can be considered a necessity for children with severe anxiety or with medical needs that make sitting uncomfortable, but it can also be tailored to simply help nervous kids relax a bit more during their appointments.

Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry offers nitrous oxide for mild sedation, oral conscious sedation for moderate sedation, and general anesthesia for complete sedation. Your child’s dentist will recommend which option is best. 

Why Pain-Free Dentistry Matters

A visit to the dentist can be overwhelming for many children, especially younger kids who are still very new to the idea of professional dental care. Not only is a dental office a foreign environment, but sounds of drilling or the sight of a needle can quickly trigger feelings of anxiety or fear. These feelings can have a lasting effect when not managed and avoided. 

Pain-free dentistry with non-drill alternatives has a powerful impact on minimizing dental anxiety in children immediately and in the future. Your child will associate positive experiences with dental appointments and learn that dentists are friends they can trust.

Dental appointments will be less stressful events for children and parents alike, which often translates into more frequent appointments and improved oral health as a whole.

Painless Pediatric Dental Care for Salem, OR

Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry is where Salem parents go to ensure their children have the best experience possible during every appointment, whether it’s a routine checkup or an appointment to fill a cavity. Comfort and safety are always our top priorities. To learn more about our advanced pediatric dentistry solutions or schedule your child’s next visit, contact our office or fill out this quick request form.