Benefits of White Crowns on Baby Teeth

From their first smile to their first day of school, watching your child grow is full of many milestones and firsts. Of course, your child isn’t the only one experiencing firsts. From tantrums to potty training, parenting is also full of many first experiences, some of which you may not have expected!

Learning that your toddler or child needs a dental crown to fix a tooth that’s decayed or damaged can be one of those firsts you weren’t quite expecting to navigate. Though it may take some time and support for the news to settle in, there has never been a better time for your child to receive this restorative dental treatment.

Dental crowns have been around for centuries, though they haven’t always delivered a complete combination of ideal benefits, especially for pediatric patients. Thanks to advances in dental techniques and technology, however, dental crowns are now delivering results that improve everything from the patient experience to treatment success.

Designed by experts in pediatric dentistry, EZCrowns by Sprig are the first white zirconia crowns made specifically for baby teeth and a child’s unique oral health needs. Here are the top 10 advantages of EZCrowns that will help make this dental first more positive.

1. EZCrowns are biocompatible…

Biocompatible materials—such as zirconia—are able to exist harmoniously with the tissues of the body, minimizing the risk of an adverse immune response or reaction while promoting the most ideal treatment outcome. Conversely, if the body is continually exposed to an incompatible material, the immune system can go into overdrive, triggering inflammation, an allergic reaction, or tissue damage

Made of biocompatible monolithic Zirconium Oxide, EZCrowns are designed to support your child’s long-term oral health and offer the most comfortable, successful, and positive treatment experience.

2. …and metal-free.

Pediatric dental crowns have been traditionally made from stainless steel. While stainless steel crowns are strong and long lasting, they are the least aesthetically pleasing. On rare occasions, stainless steel crowns can also trigger an uncomfortable metal allergy or sensitivity in the surrounding gum tissue.

Because they’re metal-free, EZCrowns provide the most natural-looking restoration while eliminating the potential risk of an adverse tissue reaction.

3. EZCrowns are extremely durable.

White zirconia crowns are inherently strong and long lasting. In physics speak, zirconia has twice the flexural strength and four times the compression resistance of steel. In simpler terms, zirconia outperforms steel in its ability to withstand sideways and downward forces. Zirconia is also highly resistant against corrosion from food acids and the acidic by-product naturally produced by oral bacteria (more on that in #6).

EZCrowns combine innovative technology with the natural durability of zirconia to guarantee a strong and long-lasting restoration that stays securely in place. For the most durable bond, the inner surface of every EZCrown is designed with internal retention grooves that create the strongest attachment with your child’s natural baby tooth structure.

4. EZCrowns look like natural teeth.

Until recently, pediatric dentists and parents have had to choose between the durability of obvious metal or the superior aesthetics of fine porcelain or resin to repair a broken or decayed tooth. Given how valuable your child’s smile is to everything from eating to self-confidence, the choice hasn’t always been easy to make.

With a white tooth-colored shade, EZCrowns allow your child to maintain a healthy smile that is as strong as it is natural-looking for as long as they have their baby teeth.

5. Thanks to their internal design, EZCrowns seal out bacteria…

The benefits of EZCrowns lie more than skin deep. The internal retention grooves of EZCrowns create a tight seal that prevents harmful oral bacteria from reaching your child’s natural tooth structure. With consistent oral hygiene habits and routine dental visits, EZCrowns can help your child prevent future cavities and the need for more-extensive dental work.

6. …and are naturally resistant to plaque buildup.

Containing millions of bacteria, plaque is a sticky film that is constantly forming on the surface of your teeth. Unless disrupted through daily brushing and flossing, plaque will start accumulating on the surface of the teeth or dental restorations and increase the likelihood of dental problems. Plaque buildup is the root cause of many common oral health issues, including cavities and gum disease.

The composition of white zirconia crowns is naturally resistant to plaque accumulation. So while daily brushing and flossing are just as important following treatment, EZCrowns can support the success of your child’s oral hygiene efforts and help them enjoy the benefits of better oral health.

7. EZCrowns are made in the United States.

Sprig is an all-American company that proudly designs and manufactures EZCrowns in the United States with impeccable safety standards and a dedication to providing high-quality dental products.

8. EZCrowns are only provided by specially trained pediatric dentists…

Pediatric dentists who offer EZCrowns have completed continuing education directly with Sprig, and have mastered the preparation and placement techniques of white zirconia crowns for kids.

9. …and are placed in a single office visit.

Though we love seeing our patients and providing a positive dental experience, your time is valuable and fewer dental visits mean one less item to add to your schedule and to-do list. The pediatric equivalent of a same day crown, an EZCrown treatment is conveniently completed in a single office visit.

10. EZCrowns help restore your child’s oral health and total well-being.

Above all, EZCrowns help your child experience the many physical, psychological, and social benefits a healthy, beautiful smile brings. And by repairing baby teeth that may have otherwise been lost prematurely to damage or decay, EZCrowns help ensure your child’s smile will be an asset to their total well-being throughout their entire lifetime.

From their first dental visit until they turn 18, Dr. Cooper and Dr. Day are honored to help your child experience their best oral health at every age and stage. To learn more about how EZCrowns can restore your child’s smile, contact us at Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry in Salem, OR to schedule an appointment.